Yoga Biomechanics: Redefining Stretching


Jules Mitchell

Five days13Feb17 09:00 to 17Feb17 17:00
at Well Aligned Body Studio

Classical asana meets current scientific research on stretching methods in this 5 day yoga intensive led by Jules Mitchell MS ERYT500. This seminar, inclusive of the Science of Stretching 3-part series, approaches yoga asana from an orthopeadic perspective where postures are compared and contrasted with common range of motion tests.   The influence of breathing mechanics on mobility, principles of somatic education, and deliberate approaches to restorative yoga balance the course curriculum, unifying the “ha” and “tha” of yoga.

Learn introductory and continuing concepts in biomechanics and how they apply to both active and passive postures common cues and popular buzzwords in yoga and stretching to improve accuracy and clarify ambiguous instructions.

Topics include:

  •  Active and passive (restorative) yoga postures
  •  Stretch tolerance
  •  Proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation (PNF)
  •  Exploring isometric and eccentric loading in asana
  •  Increasing end range performance
  •  Alignment and variability
  •  Stress, strain, and time dependent outcomes
  •  Adjustments and prop placement for a biomechanical purpose
  •  Somatics (moving from within)
  •  Neural adaptations
  •  Proprioception and interoception
  •  Breathing mechanics.

Develop a sense of how postures can be used as both assessments and therapeutics.  

Discuss the physiology and behavior of biological tissues and how they adapt to repeated mechanical stresses both acutely (short term) and chronically (long term).   Potential neurological and chemical adaptations are included as stretching affects more than just flexibility, but also cellular biology and proprioception.  

Explore all of this through the lens of yoga asana to develop a keen understanding of the postures and be willing challenge the conventional script.

Experience how to best achieve desired outcomes in asana through manual adjustments, deliberate placement of props, and varying lengths of time in the poses.

Analyze and Evaluate the benefits and dispel the myths of stretching to ultimately redefine what stretching means and what role it plays in yoga.

Please bring a journal.

About Jules

Jules Mitchell MS, yoga educator, combines the tradition of yoga with her master’s level of education in biomechanics to help people move better, age well, and feel supple.   Her approach to asana is multi-modal and skill based, balancing the somatic (moving from within) aspects of yoga with exercise science.

Jules writes on yoga biomechanics and references the exercise science literature on topics (such as stretching) where the yoga research is lacking.   Her upcoming book, Yoga Biomechanics: Redefining Stretching, is scheduled for completion in 2017.  She is a regular contributor to yoga teacher training programs worldwide, providing yoga schools with the most current research in biomechanics, even when it invokes a discerning analysis of tradition.  Her most influential teachers include Leeann Carey (Yapana Yoga), Gil Hedley (Integral Anatomy), John Casey (yoga philosophy and Sanskrit), and the many dedicated scientists who collect, analyze, and publish data so we may continue to ask more questions.  In collaboration with Arizona State University, she serves as the yoga consultant on various studies and grant proposals to quantify the effects of yoga therapy on special populations.

Note:  Course Price in US Dollars