Paulie - Yoga and Pilates Teacher

Paulie’s first ever yoga experience occurred one night at his local gym. Although years of resistance training had affected his physical openness, it was Paulie’s mental and spiritual openness that lead him to fall in love with the practice of yoga.  Six years on, he is now the Instructor of that very same class that he first attended.
Paulie has worked in fitness and wellness since 2007, as a Gym Instructor, Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Instructor.  In addition to this Paulie also has a background in Teaching, having taught English and Humanities in Secondary and Tertiary institutions.  It is this passion for health & education, combined with the inspiration from all of his teachers over the years –both on and off the mat– that lead Paulie to begin his own journey as an Instructor. 

After completing training courses with YogaFit and Studio Pilates in 2014, Paulie has worked almost exclusively as a yoga and Pilates Instructor.  Paulie’s dream job regularly takes him into a variety of different contexts: from group classes with 30 people at commercial gyms, to 1-on-1 sessions at small studios; from running classes in boardrooms at corporate workplaces, to facilitating workshops in the dirt at outdoor festivals.  By manifesting his dreams into reality and transforming his passion into his profession, Paulie’s career is a reflection of his mindfully active lifestyle, and allows him to bring health & happiness into the lives of others on a daily basis. 

All of Paulie’s classes are unique and cater for different levels of experience, whether he is teaching yoga, Pilates or a fusion of the two.  Throughout his fun, free-flowing classes, Paulie aims to create a safe, supportive and stress-free space – where everyone is free to express their practice in their own creative way: with their own body, breath, mind, heart & spirit.