Move Your DNA Weekend

Sat 26th and Sun 27th October 2019 Well Aligned Studio

with Natalie Wieneroider

Join us in person and Move Your DNA!

Move Your DNA Weekends are live events held around the world. When it comes to learning exercises, books are an amazing resource—but so are personal instruction and community!

Natalie hanging out at the playground

Natalie hanging out at the playground

Join Restorative Exercise Specialist and movement teacher Natalie Wieneroider for a two-day movement experience designed to give you hands-on guidance with all of the exercises in one of our favorite books, “Move Your DNA: Restore Your Health Through Natural Movement” by natural movement specialist, author and biomechanist Katy Bowman. Over the last eight years, Natalie has been a student of Katy Bowman and a teacher of Katy’s movement and restorative exercise workshops. Natalie’s major goal is to help you achieve health and wellbeing through integrating alignment and natural movement into your daily life.

All About Move Your DNA Weekends

For a complete picture stop reading and spend a couple of minutes watching our latest video released this October.

Who are these weekends for?  You! 

And anyone else who’s read MYDNA and would love hands-on assistance with all the exercises, a chance to play with bolstering, modifications, and variations, and a place to connect with others interested in moving their bodies in a new way.

Move Your DNA weekends include:

  • small group training (1:10 instructor/student ratio)

  • instruction and practice of 70+ exercises

  • minimal footwear/barefoot experience

  • introductory gait experience

  • connection with other lovers of alignment and natural movement

  • a downloadable exercise workbook you’ll receive when you register

For more on the structure of the weekend, read through our FAQ section below.

More About Move Your DNA


 We started these weekends because people’s lives were changed by reading Move Your DNA

Move Your DNA is a paradigm-shifting book.  It not only explains how movement and exercise are different, it also includes over 70 exercises to help you move small body parts commonly under-moved in both athletes and couch potatoes alike.  

Did we mention seventy exercises?   Seventy exercises is a lot, and due to many of them being very subtle motions, we found that creating a space for step-by-step instruction was tremendously impactful to integrating the content of the book into the body of the reader.

If you haven’t read Move Your DNA yet, you can find a paperback, e-book, or audio version here.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I wear?

We spend time both inside and outside, so bring layers and clothing appropriate for the local weather. While inside, it’s helpful to have clothing that allows full movement, and allows you to see your knees and elbows. We will send specific information about your location after you’ve registered.

Do I need to bring my own equipment to the weekend?

We provide equipment needed for the weekend.

I'm a total layperson OR an exercise instructor/physical therapist; is this class for me?

Move Your DNA weekends are dedicated to breaking down and practicing the exercises in Move Your DNA. The experience is accessible to both laypersons and professionals new to the technicality of these movements and those who might be new to moving in a natural environment. If you’re new to movement, all exercises can be performed within whatever ranges your current abilities allow. If you’re an experienced mover or teacher, Natalie will help you find your “sticky spots”/gaps in mobility and strength, and learn how to load these areas differently.

I don’t exercise much; is it okay to sign up? Do I need to be able to do all the exercises in order to attend?”

Yes, it’s okay to sign up! And you don’t need to be able to execute all of the exercises beforehand. One main feature of the MYDNA weekend is that we can provide modifications and bolstering techniques to make each move accessible.

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