Meditation Workshop

Explore Different Styles of Meditation

Sunday 31Jan16 4:00 to 5:30pm

How often have you promised yourself that you are going to begin a mediation practice?  How many times have you started and then given up because it was just too hard?  Your mind wouldn't stop thinking about things.

Meditation is not about stopping the mind from thinking as this is something that it will always do.  It allows some space for the thoughts to slow down and then possibly fade into the background.  A space where we are not constantly focused on the behaviour of the "monkey mind".

Our meditation workshop is aimed at the new meditator, offering you a taste of various methods of meditation. We'll try a number of different styles to see if we can find one to suit you.

“I  almost didn't come because I thought meditation would be too hard because my mind can't stop.  I am really glad I came because I have some great techniques to work with.”

— Erin

Join Natalie for our Meditation Workshop.  

When and Where 

 Date Sunday 31Jan16  4:00 to 5:30pm

  Well Aligned Body Studio Corner Swan & Lennox
 Suite 1A, 337A Lennox Street, Richmond South 

  What to Wear

  Come along wearing loose, comfortable clothing. 


$25 for 1½ hours.

You can book online by clicking on the link below.