Liz - Kundalini Yoga Teacher

Liz is passionate about Kundalini yoga.  After trying various yoga disciplines it was love at first experience with Kundalini.  Kundalini worked quickly to increase flexibility, better health and accelerated energy.  Meditation added a new dynamic to her life. The ability to slow the mind and re-ignite inner peace enhanced her experience.

Kundalini is the yoga of awareness. An ancient and traditional yoga that is gaining popularity in the 21st century.
A focus on breath, combined with postures, mantra, meditation and deep relaxation allows us to reap the benefits of this fabulous yoga.

The opportunity to train at the Kundalini Research Institute in New Mexico was the amazing starting point for yoga teaching – an awesome experience for her.  Further yoga studies in Kundalini stress and vitality, yoga for post traumatic stress disorder, children's yoga – Radiant child, and most recently Conscious pregnancy has enriched her yoga teaching.

Her favourite yoga moment was when her husband and four children attended one of her classes together. The best part was that they liked it enough to come back for more classes.

Liz believes in the many benefits of Kundalini and is excited to share this amazing yoga with more people.