Holly - Yoga Teacher

With a background in social work, Holly's approach to yoga is one that honours the need for individual self study,  with the aim of improving overall health and wellbeing and interpersonal relations. 

Holly has had a passion for dance and various forms of movement ever since she was 5 years old and started teaching contemporary dance to children when she was 16.  Holly discovered the many health benefits of yoga in her early 20s and firmly believes in its ability to uncover and transform the connection between body, mind and spirit.

Holly completed her yoga training through Byron Yoga and enjoys combining breath-work, alignment principles and personal development in her teachings. Holly’s dream is to make the holistic benefits of yoga accessible to absolutely everyone. She likes to keep her classes light-hearted and relaxed, whilst incorporating self-awareness and mindfulness. 

To Holly, yoga is a way to build strength,  find balance, focus within, expand our awareness and bring increased responsibility to live in alignment with the true person we came here to be.