Georgie - Yoga Teacher

Georgie's transition to yoga teacher was a natural one; a classical ballet dancer and a rhythmic gymnast in her youth, yoga gave her a creative outlet as well a means of relaxation for maintaining a healthy work life balance.  Whilst initially attracted to yoga for athletic benefits, Georgie became interested in the meditation aspect also, and found this kept her more focused and efficient in everyday life.

Georgie completed 500 hours in Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga Teacher training with Tattvaa Yoga, (Rishikesh, India ) and specialises in teaching this dynamic and athletic form of yoga.  Ashtanga focuses on synchronising breath and movement together, in turn, enabling the mind to become quieter, whilst the physical body becomes stronger and more flexible.  Georgie is passionate about this style, as its dynamic and challenging, whilst placing a focus on meditation benefits also.

She is an intuitive and sensitive teacher adapting the style to meet all students' levels.