"Free Your Feet" Workshop

Saturday 24th August 2019 3:30 to 5:00pm


In just 90 minutes learn natural solutions using alignment, movement and exercises

Your feet carry you around all day...be prepared to give your feet some love.  This one and a half hour workshop will focus on awakening your feet and educating you on self care techniques for your feet to minimize foot deformities, bunions, hammer toes, bunionettes, plantar fasciitis, arthritis, flat feet, general foot pan and fatigue.  Your feet will LOVE you!   Many of us suffer from debilitating foot pain, which can impact the function of other body parts from knees and hips to the pelvis and spine.

It may be hard to imagine that the condition and alignment of your feet, ankle and lower leg can impact the tension of your back, neck and shoulders - but it does. 

Think you have weak ankles, flat feet or poor balance? The good news is that it is more likely you just have weak hips and butt. Let's take care of that too!

Have a pair of shoes you love to wear?  Bring those shoes with you to this workshop and we will examine how they impact your foot and your gait. Shoes contribute to most foot and ankle problems.     
Attend this workshop if you have:  

  • bunions

  • hammertoes

  • plantar fasciosis

  • taylor's bunion

  • metatarsalgia

  • flat feet

  • crooked toes

  • neuroma

  • or other foot issues.

Also if you wear orthotics in your shoes this is a great workshop for you. 

If you would like to learn more about adopting natural solutions watch the video on how to treat your bunions naturally, without surgery or orthotics? 

Natural Sports Podiatrist Dr. Ray McClanahan discusses natural, conservative and preventive treatments for bunions, and compares them to traditionally offered, conventional Podiatric treatments.

Our Presenter

Natalie has studied in the USA with biomechanist and international health expert Katy Bowman - Founder and Director of the Restorative  Exercise Institute.  Katy is the author of "The Woman's Guide to Foot Pain Relief", Whole Body Barefoot" and "Move Your DNA".

Natalie is a Master Instructor Barefoot Training with the Evidence Based Fitness Academy (latest research related to restoring foot function, corrective exercise and athletic performance).  She has also trained with Gary Ward, Gait Guru, from Anatomy in Motion  who is author of  "What the Foot".

When and Where

 Date Saturday 24th August 3:30 to 5:00pm

  Well Aligned Studio

  What to Wear

  Come along wearing loose, comfortable clothing. 


$60 (includes half dome and ball so you can practise the exercises you have learnt at home).

Half price for well Aligned Monthly Subscription Members.

You can book online by clicking on the link below.