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Fascial Yoga Workshop

Maren Kohlwage

Sunday 9th July 2017    3:00 to 5:00pm

If you’re after an educational and deeply enjoyable new type of yoga/ body awareness experience, I suggest you join this.

Maren is an elegant, insightful teacher bringing this new form of yoga to Australia. Highly recommended!
— Annie

Fascia (our connective tissue) is a key to body awareness and it is involved in every movement that we do.  There is no doubt that yoga is already very beneficial for the wellbeing of our fascia.
 In this workshop,  you will explore some valuable techniques to fine-tune your regular yoga practise in order to specifically support a healthy, elastic and injury-resistant fascial network.  These techniques include: 

  • Myofascial Selfmassage
  • Fascial Stretches
  • Rebound Elasticity
  • Sensory Refinement.

You will also gain some knowledge about fascia and find out how you can benefit from some of the latest scientific findings in the field of fascia research.  

Some yoga experience is recommended. Yoga postures (asanas), fascial training principles, breathing exercises (pranayama) and relaxation are all integral parts of the workshop.

About Maren

 Maren loves empowering people to cultivate strength and ease within their bodies through conscious movement practises and insight;  so that they can feel the innate joy within themselves and develop the motivation to self-care, become self-aware and deepen the connection to themselves.

 In the summer of 2016 Maren had a huge ‘Aha’ experience when she went to a Fascial Yoga Training retreat in Europe on the recommendation of a friend.  She didn’t know very much about fascia but what she learned and experienced shifted her whole understanding of anatomy and of what we experience on the yoga mat.

Maren was so captivated by Fascia and the constantly evolving discoveries on the subject that she decided to expand her teaching practise and enrolled in the Fascial Fitness Trainer program in Germany, the epicentre of Fascia research.  She is now a qualified Advanced Fascial Fitness Trainer and is determined to spread the benefits of the Fascial Fitness training principles in Australia.

Great fascia knowledge shared by Maren. Nice balance of theory and practice in the session. Great for anyone interested in exploring and understanding their body ‘tension’ better.
— Louisa


The Fascial Yoga Workshop fee is $59.  

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