Yoga for Your Whole Life - Embodied Yoga Principles Workshop

TBA at Well Aligned Studio

About Embodied Yoga Principles

The purpose of EYP is to grow awareness, range and choice, in oneself and in relationship.

It builds both skills and a more flexible way of being for leading life, though working with the body. It could be thought of as group life-coaching or leadership enquiry through yoga. It builds embodied intelligence (see quadrants model). It concerns what matters to people and how yoga impacts that.

View the video where founder Mark Walsh outlines the Embodied Yoga Principles.

Come if you'd like:

  • a dive into self-awareness and personal growth

  • to develop new aspects of your yoga practice that's practical

  • to use elements of EYP to psychologically enrich your yoga practice and explore how to get your learning "off the mat"

  • to have fun learning something new and unique.

The training is not to be taken lightly as involves some work and personal challenge. However it will be fun, personally enriching, but not all easy. 

Suitable for:

People experienced in any style of yoga looking to explore a new dimension to their practice and improving their personal awareness.

Course content:

  • exploring our yoga styles

  • yang postures

  • yin postures

  • extended exploration to reveal personal patterns

  • integrate learning.

  • ongoing embodied yoga development at Well Aligned.

Embodied Yoga Principles video with Founder Mark Walsh

Embodied Yoga Principles video with Founder Mark Walsh