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Pelvic Floor Workshop

Exercises and Alignment


Healthy Pelvic Floor Function

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Presenter: Natalie Wieneroider

Pelvic Floor muscles attach from the coccyx to the pubic bone. These muscles support the weight of your organs.  The strength of your Pelvic Floor needs to be equal to the challenge of supporting this weight throughout your life.

Issues with the pelvic floor can contribute to:

•    Incontinence
•    Pelvic Floor Disorder
•    Sexual Dysfunction
•    Hip Health
•    Sacral Health
•    Prostatitis.

Reduce the effect of these ailments or help avoid them by improving your pelvic floor function with exercises and improved body alignment.

Our presenter Natalie has studied in the USA with biomechanist and international health expert Katy Bowman, MS, Founder and Director of the Restorative Exercise Institute.  Katy is the author of "Diastasis Recti - The  Whole-Body Solution to Abdominal Weakness and Separation",  "Move Your DNA", Whole Body Barefoot - Transitioning to Minimal Footwear", "The Woman's Guide to Foot Pain Relief" and "Alignment Matters".

This truly unique form of movement blends biomechanical research, motor skill acquisition, and exercise prescription into one complete exercise session.
— Katy Bowman, M.S, Developer of the Aligned and WellTM program.

Who is this workshop for?

Anyone who has an interest in healthy pelvic floor function.

Need more information?

Watch the video and / or contact us on 1300 72 00 34.

How to Register

or contact us at 1300 72 00 34 to register via phone.

$50 Book online at  

Well Aligned Restorative Exercise Workshops are half price for regular Well Aligned Studio Attendees.

When and Where

Date TBA

Location:  Well Aligned Body Studio21  

What to Wear

Come along wearing comfortable clothing so you can actively participate in the exercises.