We conduct a range of courses that provide movement and exercise prescriptions for preventing injury and reducing pain associated with injuries.

Our presenter Natalie has studied in the USA with biomechanist and international health expert Katy Bowman - Founder and Director of the Restorative  Exercise Institute. Katy is the author of The Woman's Guide to Foot Pain Relief and Alignment Matters.

This truly unique form of movement blends
biomechanical research, motor skill acquisition, and exercise
prescription into one complete exercise session.
— Katy Bowman, M.S, Developer of the Aligned and Well Program.

Current courses are:

  • Fix Your Feet
  • My Neck, Shoulders, or Hands Hurt!
  • Down There - Simple exercises to maintain a healthy pelvic floor
  • Biomechanics for Bad Backs
  • Self Massage Workshop
  • Travel Fitness.

Course introduction videos

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