Fix Your Feet - Top of the Foot Stretch

Next week in the studio we are focusing on feet.  Most of us have had issues with our feet at some time.  When this happens, we learn the importance of a much ignored part of our body.  We may also learn that our feet can effect the function of our knees, hips, pelvis and spine.  

Last week's Exercise of the Week - Foot Stance is a great start towards achieving healthy feet.  Also you can improve foot function easily with a few simple exercises such as the Top of the Foot Stretch.  You can even do this exercise whilst sitting at your work desk.  

Top of the Foot Stretch

For the top of the foot stretch, you may wish to come close to a wall or next to a chair for a bit of extra balance assistance. First, come back to your basic stance. Take a deep breath in  and out and become aware of how you are feeling. Relax your body as best as you can. Step onto your right foot and lift your left foot and leg off the ground. 

Then bring your left leg back behind you and curling the toes under, begin to gently place some weight onto the top of the left foot. Think of it like a ballet dancer on her toes. If this is painful at first ,take it very lightly. If it is not painful, gradually increase the amount of weight placed on the left foot. To modify this in cases of too much pain or where balance may be an issue, this same stretch can be done sitting on a chair with the leg taken out to the side, then the toes are curled under.

Hold for up to 1 minute. 
Check in with your both of your feet. Do they feel different? More alive? Get that tingly sensation? We’re waking the feet up. Do this same stretch on the other side and check back to see if they both match.