Deep Breathing for Health and Vitality

This week we focus on how to breathe a full deep breath and incorporate this into our practice.  

Many of us are traveling in the holiday period.  This can be both a happy time and a stressful one and for some of us we may have trouble sleeping.  Deep breathing helps relax us and reduce the impact of stress.  If you are having trouble sleeping, deep breathing can help to shut down an active mind and calm the central nervous system making falling asleep easier.

Holiday time is when we need lots of energy and good health.  Many of us only use 30 – 40 per cent of our lungs’ capacity which results in loss of energy and can contribute to illnesses.  Learning to breathe deeply is a very easy and effective way of increasing your vitality and improving your health and connectedness. 

If you would like to learn more about the mechanics of breathing then watch Katy Bowman’s video.  Check out the different mechanical ways to breathe and how these may impact your health.