Are bunions genetic?

Bunions are genetic seems to be a very common thought.  How many times have I heard this?  “Well my mother and my grandmother have them and that's why I have bunions - they're genetic.”  Many, many, many times and fair enough too.  It seems to make perfect sense when you have something running through the generations of your family.

 In this case, it isn't true.  As a human race we are great mimics.  We learn basic human skills by mimicking the people around us who have the greatest effect on us in our formative years.  We learn how to talk, walk and move by watching and copying these people. So, if you have a tendency to identify with your mother the most and she has bunions, there's a great chance that you will also get them because they are formed by how we stand, where we put the weight on our feet and how we move around through life.  If we're not moving in alignment, our body adapts by building extra structures to support us.

 I've been working on my foot alignment for a couple of years now (and made great progress with my Restorative Exercises). Even though I have no pain as a result of my bunions, I still don't have the best mobility through my feet and this affects all the way up my body from ankles, through knees, hips, shoulders, etc.  Finally after a couple of years of coveting them, I have a pair of 'Correct Toes' which are professionally designed toe spacers.  I am wearing my pair of 'Correct Toes' in the photo and you can see I have quite large bunions.

The reason I haven't purchased them earlier is their price - yes they are expensive...but so are doctors’ visits further down the track if my bunions become an issue.

 This all leads me to an n=1 experiment.  Yesterday I put on my correct toes for the first time.  They were a bit uncomfortable and I opted not to wear them on my afternoon explorations.  But today I wore them on my walk to and from the studio and they are beginning to feel like a part of my feet.  I love how my toes are spread apart and pointing forward and this inspires me to wear them daily.  I know that my feet are not going to be 'fixed' overnight but I'm pretty sure I will see some terrific results.  I'll keep this page posted.

 For further information, have a chat with Natalie next time you’re in the studio or call or email Natalie.