Ball Rolling for Healthy Happy Feet

Most of us have had issues with our feet at some time.  At this time we learn the importance of a much ignored part of our body.  We also may learn that our feet can effect the function of our knees, hips, pelvis and spine.

The good news is that  you can improve foot function easily with a few simple exercises.  For example, rolling your feet on a ball.  

                                                                            Rolling on a Ball

                                                                            Rolling on a Ball

Start with a ball that has some give in it – not too hard- a tennis ball would be a great start or if that is too painful, perhaps something like a stress ball (one of those balls you squash in your hand to relieve tension – I’m well acquainted with these as they give them away a lot in one of my work places – hmmm – there could be something in that).

There are so many ways we can use the ball to roll away pain and I encourage you to be creative with the ball.  We’ll begin here by placing the ball under the ball of one foot (that’s just behind the toes) and put your body weight onto it.  Keep your heel on the floor.  If that is painful, back off with the weight. Try that a few times and then begin to roll the ball from side to side, across the foot.  Then repeat, moving the ball closer to the heel, then repeat again.

You can then place the ball under the base of the big toe, put some pressure onto the ball and roll it along the length of the foot, all the way to the heel.  Repeat this movement beginning under each toe. Lastly make some random scribbly type movements under the whole foot.

Once done, step off the ball and compare the sensations of the foot you have just worked on with the other.  Does one feel more awake and alive?  I certainly hope so. Over time you can experiment with different ball types, sizes and firmness – possibly golf balls and marbles. Once again, be creative.