Stop Being a Victim of Your DNA!

Many people believe in the “the primacy of our DNA” – we are already pre-programmed by our DNA and the character and fate of your life reflects the heredity you were born into and so we are actually victims of heredity (or DNA). 1

The other day I had a (strong) conversation with one of my clients.  Normally I wouldn’t have been so forthright but I have been nursing a very sore tooth for the past month and patience was not on my side.

My client was telling me that her hip and knee had been bothering her more than usual lately.  Her feet turn out, she has bunions on both feet and her toes have been squashed into narrow shoes so long that the hallux (big toe) is now angling across the other toes.  I have tried to replicate this condition in the photograph below. 


Feet issues

I’m well acquainted with these issues as I have had them all myself and been working to rectify them for some time now. My feet have improved significantly.  Sadly, it doesn’t all just happen overnight.


My feet

I suggested she start doing the alignment exercises that we have been working on.   Why I lost my patience is that she insisted that the shape of her feet and stance are all genetic.  Her mother has the same positioning as does her sister, grandfather and so on.  I tried to explain that we get our alignment habits from our parents, or people we spend the most time with in our formative years.  Also the shoes we wear affect our feet.  She refused give this a moments’ thought.

I understand that new concepts can be difficult to take on board.   However when do we start taking some responsibility for our body issues and realise that there are things we can do about them?   We have some very real solutions but they are not passive things where someone gives you a pill or uses surgery to rectify them.   Simple exercises, modifying the way we stand and walk, and changing our footwear can have an impact on the health of our feet.2   These solutions need practice and a sense of ownership rather than being a “victim of our DNA”.

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