Working out with kids

Recently Bob and I spent a weekend in Brisbane, where the weather was a bit warmer and we got to play with some kids.  I love to borrow children (from people I know well) because I get to do lots of things that I wouldn’t normally do if I was on my own.  I can get away with being on the swings and slides in the playground when accompanied by kids and I love the climbing walls and monkey bars.  The only problem is I have developed a fear of swinging round and round them like I did when I was younger and I find it much harder to get my knees over a high bar – there are ways around it however.

If ever you feel that you are not getting enough movement into your life, simply follow a small child around.  A 2 year old will wear you out in no time if you follow his/her movements exactly.  They also instinctively do things such as stand up and sit down with beautiful alignment, something I work hard on every day to achieve.

Best of all was our last day in the Botanical gardens.  There are some great Moreton Bay fig trees which are super fun to climb. 

Also there was a river embankment where once we’d moved all the spikey fronds (ouch and double ouch), rolling was a great fun way to get from top to bottom.