Take this simple test ....

Open your arms out wide to the sides.  Without scrolling down any further, point to yourself.


Did you point to your head, your heart or another part of your body?  In the random testing I have done over the years, the vast majority of people tend to point to their head.  What does it mean? We feel it means that many of us are living within the confines of our head and we have lost an awareness of the sensations that arise in our bodies.  Over thinking, over analysing, and overdoing.

It is often only when we encounter pain that we become involved with what is going on with our bodies and then we look for a quick fix to come back to what is normal for us.  Here lies the beauty of a Yoga/Pilates/Restorative Exercise practice.  We become a lot more in touch with what is happening with our body on a moment by moment basis and with this awareness we can make changes for the positive.

It may be something as simple as beginning to stand with your feet pointing straight ahead and your weight back on your heels that can help alleviate knee pain. Small things can have large consequences and classes are a great place to start.